As long as the maximum is the minimum

first draft, Final Judgement of Dissolution of Marriage, Division 49, 7th Judicial Circuit Court, Kim C. Hammond Justice Center in Bunnell, Fla., prepared by C. Michael Barnette, Esq., with The Law Office of C. Michael Barnette, Daytona Beach, Fla.

“The court finds than an additional factor considered is the father’s expressed willingness to give additional timesharing beyond the standard long distance schedule to the mother…[and] indicated a willingness to provide additional time in the summer and beyond the standard long distance timesharing guidelines proposed by both parties. (page 12, first draft, FJDM)

…The Parenting Plan shall include a provision that the mother’s timesharing is intended to be minimum timesharing between mother and the children based on the father’s representations that he will attempt to accommodate the mother, upon reasonable request, regarding additional or rescheduled time with the children.”  (page 13, first draft, FJDM)

Donkey expressed willingness to go above and beyond to ensure mother and children have time together, yet that willingness is only intended to be the minimum, and deniable as unreasonable. Perplexing.

Donkey has grabbed onto the second part offering 85 overnights a year, or 23% visitation. My counter-proposal requests 108 overnights in odd years and 111 overnights in even years for an average of 109.5 overnights a year, or 30%. Until such time as they begin elementary school. 30% is a piss-poor, pathetic percentage. 19% below my max, I believe. It’ll drop after I miss my baby girl’s first day of kindergarten to 27% of the year.

All the while, I’ll be charged $5.25 per monthly payment, “until such time as the minor children attain the age of 18 years or, if the children continue to perform in high school with a good faith expectation of graduation before 19, until graduation, or the age of 19 whichever is earlier…” (page 16, first draft, FJDM). There are 192 months before Niko graduates highschool, so that’s $1,008 in mandatory fees for mandatory payments of which I was not offered the option for self-pay.


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