This factor is weighed slightly in favor of the father

Final Judgement of Dissolution of Marriage, Division 49, 7th Judicial Circuit Court, Kim C. Hammond Justice Center in Bunnell, Fla., prepared by C. Michael Barnette, Esq., with The Law Office of C. Michael Barnette, Daytona Beach, Fla.

“The court finds that the father has no physical or mental issues relevant to his ability to parent his children. The court notes that the mother has previously been treated for depression and is taking medication. This factor is weighed slightly in favor of the father.” (page 5, first draft, FJDM)

Because accumulating 2 DUIs in 10 years isn’t evidence of mental issues.

Here I sit, condemned for postpartum depression. Condemned for seeking treatment for a common, and temporary, post delivery symptom. Condemned because I faced this without support from Donkey, because he didn’t believe in it as a “real” illness, because he couldn’t watch the kids so I could unwind: “I can’t handle both kids; you take one,” or “I’m going to work late. I hope you won’t really looking forward to going [anywhere]”.

The father has no mental issues because being an alcoholic isn’t a mental issue, so long as “the court expects the father to maintain a lifestyle free of alcohol abuse.” Free of abuse says nothing. Free of use, however, would actually say something. Use and abuse are different. General drinkers can use alcohol and maintain a lifestyle free of abuse, but can an alcoholic?


speak loudly, donkeys are sleeping

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