I’ve Carpe’d my Diems

26 of 31, with 5 left to go & every one has been the best (mostly, and I plan to erase any memory of tempers, fights, refused meals, or pee on the carpet).

I took 10 days to panic over the kids reaction. I gave them too much credit in my imagination. Thank goodness. Had the reaction been one tenth what I imagined, I expect I would have split right in two, and/or died of a heart attack. Or maybe spontaneous human combustion.

The “telling day” was horrible. Then the countdown began. Immediately the day after the “telling day”, Is began asking if it was Daddy-day yet. I showed her the calendar. Since there was a page to flip to get to Daddy-day the longevity of it made 4-year-old sense. Then the page flipped and the number 12 at the end of the row was in sight. Again, another time lesson. Here were are today (the first) and we have to go thru this whole line and this next whole line before we leave.

3 weeks. Then 2 weeks. Then 1 week. And now 5 days.

In the last 26 days we have had 25 family dinners. We have picnicked, had sleepovers, visited butterflies, watched a star be born, and gone to sleep in the same bed together. We have a baseball afternoon, more family dinners, a Mother’s Day breakfast at school, and the dreaded packing left in our short-lived life together.


speak loudly, donkeys are sleeping

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