Forty days divorced

40 days since what took 20 months to end, finally ended (minus the signatures, still, tho). Judge Dennis Craig agreed the marriage was irretrievably broken. Funny, Donkey and I agreed on that point, too. That’s about it, except for the givens like names, ages, and other stuff of legality.

We didn’t agree to the Who, What, and Why. When? August 8. Where? Fl to Mo. How? By car.

Mother of 2 escapes domestic violence only to lose custody to her abuser

Tending Weeds escaped Donkey, leaving Fl for Mo on August 8, after years of victimizing domestic violence. After driving for 2 days, Weeds and her 2 sprouts checked into a shelter for victims of domestic violence and remained a resident for 6 weeks.

Weeds cut off contact with Donkey, according to DV resident guidelines, the day of arrival; Donkey filed for custody 6 weeks after learning of the escape, listing for justification 26 reasons any idiot could see were perfectly valid and truthful.

Nineteen months later, and 1 month post, Donkey gained physical custody, majority timesharing, and all the rights and responsibilities therein.



  1. Nine months without seeing or talking to my children was what happened in Zambrano’s court. I guess that’s Florida. Then I got “supervised visits”. Haha even my ex must have thought that was funny as one month after he allowed me to have Unsupervised visits. I missed the first day of Kindergarten, First grade…., pictures, sports, holidays and whatever else my ex WANTED me to miss as he had that Power. Someday things will change. I was the main caretaker of my children before I left Florida. I took care of other people’s children. The judge believed I felt abused but it was not PROVEN. Well, what exactly do they need anyways? A death? That would be proof enough I believe. I am still fighting for my children almost five years later and will continue forever I feel.

    1. Flagler County doesn’t accept anything as proof of domestic violence except police reports. Nothing else matters. Without that, we are just bitch ex-wives withholding the children, blah blah blah, except we’re protecting our children and ourselves and it’s used against us.
      I will miss everything, and there is nothing I can do about it. He has and will continue to have all the power and control and he likes to remind me all the time.

  2. Mine does the same and constantly rubs it in how he is the winner. Really everyone loses especially the children… There are no winner’s but to him he is the WINNER… When he was mad at me or just frustrated he used to take it out on my older Son. When they did the pick up order I was not allowed to be at the hearing and the Flager courts sent my oldest son to a man he had never met in Texas I haven’t seen him since. My ex’s parent’s told the court that my Son just hadn’t seen the man in some years. Truth be told he was a complete stranger and never had contact. The two Father’s work together using the court system to there advantage and try to give me as little as possible. My oldest Son (Hunter) and I were so close and he and his Brother were practically tied together. They don’t see what they are doing…the damage done. I am not sure if it’s repairable. My Ex from Florida was really the “known” Father for my oldest as he was the only one he related to as a Father, but his parents didn’t want Hunter. I used to want to just wither away or disappear…. not sure how to fight all this. It is still very hard but I am remarried and my Husband is very supportive and helpful fortunately even when others shunned me. I used to believe that you had to be a horrible Mother to loose your children until this all happened, now I know the truth.

    1. Next time you have $10, pick up the book “Mothers on Trial” by Phyllis Chesler. I’m going through it a few pages at a time. It’s anger inducing, but valuable. Her research shows we are more common than we realize: in 70% of cases in which both parents requested custody, the father gets it regardless of history or past transgressions.

  3. Thank you I will

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