We used to count

I had to take a letter to my landlord’s house this morning, and, as seems to happen every time I go to drop off rent or mail, I was delayed by a train. I sent an email and checked my other accounts. The train was still going and it occurred to me I forgot to count the cars. This is something Is & No never would have allowed. No way.

Waiting for trains could have been a source of boredom, and boredom leads to only bad things: whining, pestering, complaining, and the overwhelming need to pee. But we didn’t wait for trains, we counted train cars. Yes, that’s right, I used trains as a learning opportunity. Poor kids.

We enjoyed it and usually giggled too much to get an accurate count, not to mention that we were starting to take turns and include No in the mix, so often times many cars would pass but we’d advance only 1 number. That’s was fine. When they counted without me, Is could get to 20 and fake her way up through to 100 (skipping 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, & 90), and No could make it to 10 several times in a row. Together we challenged each other to know the next number without going through the numerical list every time.


speak loudly, donkeys are sleeping

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