How Many Times Should Abuse be Tolerated? – the question revisited « A Cry For Justice

How Many Times Should Abuse be Tolerated? – the question revisited « A Cry For Justice.

It shouldn’t be tolerated, ever. But what defines abuse?  An impulsive slap, once, during a heated, and highly defensive argument? An impulsive slap during every heated, highly defensive argument? Both? The pattern, recognizing if there is a pattern and where it lies, is key to discerning a truly heart-wrenching mistake from permission to continue.

Judge Dennis Craig of the 7th Judicial Circuit, Flagler County, Fla., decided that 4 date-able physical attacks, and numerous others without firm dates, is within the tolerable range. I didn’t call the police; there are no police reports. I also didn’t stick around long enough to call the police. Donkey has a collection of weapons and a history of violence. I didn’t wait around for it to get bad enough to have to go to the emergency room, or call for an ambulance.

I didn’t realize I hadn’t suffered enough abuse to protect myself and my children.




  1. A judge should be more understanding of exactly how violence against women works. It’s not a maths sum, like how many slaps x how many kicks x how many hits x verbal abuse x financial abuse x proof of bruising = sufficient proof of abuse. I understand that judges have seen and heard a lot, but they shouldn’t let that affect their decisions. But really, it’s the attitude of society they’re mirroring: where women are second class.

    1. I don’t know what this judge based his atrocious decision on because it wasn’t facts or experience. He had made up his mind during a preliminary hearing that a lack of police reports constituted insufficient evidence of domestic abuse, and, therefore, it must not have occurred.

      1. That’s terrible, it really is. So if a woman is too scared to report the violence because she fears reprisals from the abuser, then it didn’t happen? That’s nonsense. A judge should have more sense.

        1. A judge should have more sense. This judge, however, was too inconvenienced by the caseload to be sensible.

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