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I asked for a letter writing campaign, and my dear friend started the ball rolling. She’s passionate, and an excellent writer. I’m grateful she took this and ran. Every time I sat down to write all I could get out was, “Fuck you”, and that doesn’t actually portray what I’d like. I will be printing and signing my own copy as well.

Letter to Judge – I’m not afraid to tell the teacher.

by [] on Friday, June 8, 2012 at 3:06pm ·
I have written the following letter to Judge Dennis Craig in Florida.  If you feel as I feel, please take the time to print it out, sign your name, slap a stamp on it, and let him know that you’re not afraid to tell the teacher.  Tag yourself, tag others, make adjustments to the content, share it, like it, just do it.

Send it to: Judge Dennis Craig, 7th Judicial Court, Division 49, 1769 E. Moody Blvd., #1, Bunnell, FL 32110.


Judge Dennis Craig,

When we are children and we encounter a bully on the playground, we go to our parents and our teachers.  They are our support system, and we expect them to set it right.  When we are adults and we experience bullying and abuse, the law is our support system.  We live in a country that we’re told — as those young children just in from the playground — believes that we are all equal.  That we are all worth protecting.  That, unless we harm others, we are allowed to live healthy and prosperous lives.  If we do harm others, we will be punished.

Abuse can be defined as a physical act of aggression by one person on another.  However, the definition does not end there.  Abuse can be psychological, verbal, emotional, financial.  Just because you do not see bruises on arms, wrists, faces, backs, does not mean that abuse does not take place.  Often, these other non-physical forms of abuse are a mere prelude to the physical violence that is to come.  By that point, fear is the only currency known — fear of acting wrong, speaking wrong, telling someone, leaving.

When a woman is abused by her spouse or partner, she expects to be protected by the same law that says she is worthy of living a life without harm.  As a judge sitting in Family Court, you are the teacher.  It is expected that you will separate the bully and the bullied, thoroughly and effectively review the evidence, punish the bully as necessary, and restore the peace of mind of the bullied individual.

On April 12, 2012, you failed.  You rewarded the bully and punished the bullied.  You removed children from a loving, happy, and safe home and placed them in the care of an abuser.  Rather than restoring peace in an abused woman, you put more fear in her heart.  You made her spend days regretting standing up to her abuser.  And, worst of all, you made it okay for the behavior to continue against their children.  The system that says we’re all equal has said, through your decision, that the bully is actually better than those he hurts.

I do not believe that bullies are better than others.  I do not believe they should go unpunished.  I do not believe that the government should support those who harm others.  I do not believe that children should reside in houses with abusers.  I do not believe that women who gather the strength to speak up against abuse should be knocked down again by the system in which she has placed her trust.  I do not believe anyone should be afraid to tell the teacher.

A Concerned Citizen.


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