A war on women? A war on victims?

A war on women? Yes and it must be ended! « opt4.

These numbers reflect deaths: living people who perished, suffering. Focus on US Troops and American Women, and we see a terrifyingly huge number of US Citizens dying in defense.

These numbers reflect a huge loss for the two most traumatized and disrespected demographics in the United States. Troops and Battered Women…are there two more disparate groups with so much in common?

6,488 troops and 11,766 women. Is there a war on women? Yes! By batters and blamers, politicians and police, courts and their kings, and by society, budget cuts, and communities.

18,254 human beings. Is there a war against people who elect to remain in positions of constant defense? Also true, and, also known as the war on victims.

Troops, wives/girlfriends, and police are all people who are in positions to defend themselves or others (be it America, children, residents), yet continuously have to defend their decisions:

  • Why did you join the Marines/Army/Air Force/Navy/Coast Guard? You knew you’d be deployed, shot at, and injured, disabled, or killed.
  • Why didn’t you leave if he was so abusive? You knew he’d just hit harder, with objects, or pull that gun on you.
  • Why did you want that job? You knew criminals run, fight, shoot, and lie, and you knew your pay would low, your hours long.

There is a war on women, overwhelmingly. There is no reason 11,766 wives/girlfriends should have been killed by their husbands/boyfriends. Every one of them was defending themselves, and many were probably also defending children or other innocents.

Along with the war on women is the war on victims. Once you are a victim, you are handed a trophy of blame to showcase for all to see.

Have we reached [double standard]3, yet?


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