In Defense of LIKE


At one time Like was annoying like because like we like heard it like all the time.

Now it seemsis gravitating towards its own Valley Hell.

Recently Peaches at A Lateral Plunge and Doug Kleeman at Stuff Worth Talking About were both Freshly Pressed for posts on Internet Liking. It’s a likable topic. We all like things, and the things we like, be them things or non-things, make us likable, or not.

Likes don’t come with disclaimers, and there isn’t a drop-down list to select reasons one might Like a post. I Like posts for many reasons, and it isn’t to get you to notice me.



Shared Interests

I Like posts. I will keep Liking posts, if for nothing else than to amass a giant reference page of Posts I Like so I can post another post about posts I like.


  1. Oh wow. Thanks for linking back.

    I seem to like Like these days too. Because really, it’s not that you’ve got nothing to say – sometimes all you could do is click Like, because you’re just speechless as to how someone’s post could be this awesome. Well, that’s normally what happens to me, or sometimes, I just want to Like because I like – and that’s all I want to do. Thank goodness for whoever created the Like button idea.

    I Liked this post. 🙂

    1. You are very right – sometimes all you can do is click Like: there aren’t words, or what words there are only make sense to me, or someone else has already express the exact right words.

  2. I like the Like. I try to leave comments, but like AJ’s Mom, sometimes a post is so amazing, it’s hard to find something appropriate to say.

    1. And thanks for linking to my blog — twice! I’m flattered! 🙂

    2. You are welcome. Wacky Word Origins was the first of your posts I read, and I really enjoyed deciding which authors I could stand being alone with on an otherwise empty island. Two Likable posts indeed.

  3. Peaches · · Reply

    I’m gonna second Eagle-Eyed Editor’s thoughts appreciation for the link. Thanks! And yeah, everybody is right, sometimes there is nothing to say really. That’s what likes are good for, because you can’t smile and nod at me over my modem.

    1. Smile and nod…I like that. Your welcome for the link. I enjoyed your piece and your writing style, and it got me thinking. I like it when someone’s writing gets me thinking.

  4. Claire Cappetta · · Reply

    Thank you so much for including me in your post with a link back. I really appreciate and will continue “Liking” 😉

  5. Do I dare add that four-letter “L” word again?? OK – I will! I really, really, L I K E this post!! Honest. I do. And I think I’m going to check out all those links you included here; I might learn something that I really L I K E !!! 🙂

    1. Thank you for you Like! I think it’s quite a practical little button. And cute too.
      I hope you do check out some of the links. I know their author’s would like to see another reader. I tried to include a variety of Likes, so I hope it’s not a boring bunch of clicks.

  6. Fun reading…and I too LIKE the story.

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