Violence is not a scuffle

I take less issue with Floyd Mayweather, Jr being released early than I do with writers referring to the domestic violence assault witnessed by two children as a “physical altercation“, a “scuffle” or an “incident“.

Call it what it was: an attack. Thank you Cynthia Johnston.

Lest we not forget, the 90-day sentence was a result of a plea deal which lowered the jail term to 90 days in jail and the charges to misdemeanor battery from up to 34 years in prison on felony charges. Felony. Capital F. Like, fuck you for not respecting the kind of violence that comes with a punishment of 34 years in prison.

Serving 60 out of 90 days is not unheard of: 2/3rds sentence served is pretty good actually. 2/3rd of 34 years would have been 22 years, and it’s pretty unlikely someone like Mayweather would have served that much.

I’m not being flippant about the 90 days (stellar example of why there is no reason to report domestic violence or rape). I’m just maxed out on cursing today. Fucking assholes took it all out of me.


One comment

  1. i’m flattered by your kind words, thanks for sharing this info with your readers!

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