AVON Foundation for Women

My mailbox was full yesterday and that never happens. Low and behold there was a box taking up all the space. I knew it had to be something good from the return address. These are expert purchasers, you see, they have a talent for noticing little things that will put a smile on someone’s face.

Inside the box was a bag. Inside the bag was 2 boxes. Inside the boxes was a symbol of support. I’m not one to cry, I prefer cursing to crying, but I teared up when I saw the boxes and tears flowed when I opened one and saw the beauty.

It went a little like this: where is the open strip? nevermind, get a knife. oh? there’s a bag. use the scissors. oo! 2 boxes. Avon? Domestic Violence? (watery eyes) what is this? open box. tears.

AVON launched this program, Speak Out Against Domestic Violence, in 2004 “to build awareness, to educate, and to develop and implement prevention and direct service programs.”

This isn’t an extravagant gift, but it’s priceless. I have it with me today.

It’s not what it is that matters. My thoughtful friend didn’t have to pick anything, but she did. She saw this, saw the cause, and knew that I would be one happy momma with this touching gesture.

This person is hundreds of miles away and I haven’t seen her in years, but she thought of me and gave money to an organization she knows I would support and sent me the gift. She gave, and then gave again.

Surviving domestic violence is impossible without support. If it weren’t for the people who were willing to make phone calls, stash belongings, and stay the course I couldn’t have left.


People need to begin to better understand the dynamic of domestic violence, and, hopefully, organizations like AVON, a company for women by women, and NO MORE, a symbol against DV, can help to spread the word and further community education and victim support programs.

Avon has recently partnered with the NO MORE organization to help put Domestic Violence on the national platform with a symbol that is unique and distinctive to victims and survivors of DV, and the supporters who help make safety a reality.



  1. Today was my last day of my paying job. With my abundant free time moving forward, I am planning to go through my NO MORE toolkit and stick the symbol on every effing thing I can, from profile pictures to stop signs. (I’ll print some off using my sticky office labels or something. Anything!) I am so happy you have such a great friend who understands and supports you and gives you strength. Peace to you.

    1. I’m sorry the paying job had to end for you. I’m going through my toolkit after the long weekend. There is so much in there. Wow!
      I am grateful to the people in my life who have stuck around even though I didn’t “get over it” the moment I shut his front door for the last time.

  2. Great post and timely. Keep it going.

  3. i didn’t know this about Avon…HOW COOL! What a neat gesture from your friend. Those tears are wonderful, aren’t they? Warm and cleansing…

    enjoy your day, dear-heart!

    1. I didn’t know either. It was a double surprise with an extra smile.

  4. Reblogged this on opt4 and commented:
    I reblog this to call awareness to this great thing AVON is doing. AVON are always big supporters of the anti-abuse movement. Thankfully, they are helping thousands possibly millions with the money they receive and donate to shelters and organizations that help end this treatment of people. If you are a person who sees the AVON catalogs about and don’t order anything, I understand. However, why not buy something to help end this abusive string of killings and destruction of both children and adults’ lives. Thank you Avon. Thank you for helping end domestic violence.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I was thrilled to find this. AVON has been a staple in the women’s empowerment movement for so long that I’m happy to see how many women’s causes they advocate for, but most especially domestic violence.

  5. Reblogged this on Motivating For Positive Change and commented:
    Please speak out! If you’re going to buy the stuff avon sells…might as well buy it from avon and help end Domestic Violence

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