Atlanta, part 2, coming 10/1

I did not listen to my mother, so, Tuesday morning, when I said “it’s official” to my boss we set our go plan in motion and she announced the news during the weekly status meeting like an order of paper had arrived from the warehouse.

You see, I have a career transition expert, history teacher, reader, and creative writer in my mom so there’s little she can’t speak about with a good degree of Know her speech, so when I said “I have to tell my boss,” and she said “oh no you don’t,” she was right…for every other situation ever.

One month ago I had my first in-person interview in my pursuit for work in Georgia. One month ago I told my boss that I was beginning the process to move closer to my kids. She said no. I said I know. She reminded me of the you are never leaving us ever clause that she put in invisible ink at the end of my contract.

Three weeks ago I woke up at 4am and completed the series of tests that were the next step in the recruitment process. I told my boss I had found a writing opportunity that I wanted. She said no. I said I know. She asked me to keep her informed.

Two weeks ago I had two more in person interviews. I told my boss I felt like we should work on a plan for my replacement in the event this opportunity came thru, and because we just really needed to be ready. She told me to work on it. She alerted her boss, and then she put me in charge of finding my replacement and allowed me the option to speed up or slow down the action as appropriate.

Never ever again can I so successfully avoid professional suicide. You see, my mom is right: “your boss has to protect the company, herself, and if she thinks you are going to leave she will replace you before you are ready to go,” or, don’t quit your job before you have another one.

I did not listen to my mother.

Tuesday morning my boss walked into the office with her eyes asking. I nodded and said “it’s official; I received an offer Friday after work and I have accepted it.” I honestly have no idea what she said in the next several seconds as I used my stomach to pull my heart back out of my throat.

An hour later my marketing reps and recruiters walked out of their weekly staff meeting. D said fuck. L stuck her tongue out at me. M just nodded his head, and the other M said “I get what you’re doing. I would do the same thing.”  S was thrilled and she was the one I was most worried about. S told me it was about time something good happened and offered her opinion that a fresh start is just what I need.

After lunch I gave five candidates, two network contacts, the names of local companies with resume writing departments, and a job description to our top recruiter.

Our top recruiter found me. I walked out of my marriage and into a domestic violence shelter. Our top recruiter found me quite my accident. He had scratched his eye. My aunt worked at the doctor’s office where he went for care. They talked. The day before we had spent the afternoon at a family picnic, during which the topic of my future employment had been explored in-depth. I had moved out of the shelter a few weeks prior. My aunt mentioned I was seeking employment and the recruiter mentioned their office was looking for a resume writer. He told her if I could get my resume to him by the time he returned to the office there might be time to get me in front of the manager. They had already selected a final candidate. My aunt called my mom who called me. I was at the zoo with the kids.

I gave my mom my email details and she logged in, found an email in my sent folder with a PDF of my resume, and I dictated my submittal while the kids impersonated the seals. As I was driving home I received a call for an interview. I submitted my resume on Wednesday, interviewed on Thursday, got the offer on Friday, and started on Monday. That was 2 years ago. Their final candidate before me didn’t have the same experience. I had been writing resumes for three years. Turned out not to matter; she called Thursday evening and said she was re-enlisting in the Army and would no longer be seeking civilian employment. Sweet!

In the following two years we bonded. I worked to earn their respect as I worked to change how we approached candidate resumes. We worked together and it’s been good. I’ve known for about a year that I’d had a positive affect. I’ve kept working to improve that. I would keep working if St. Louis wasn’t so damn far from Florida.

I did not listen to my mother and this time it worked out. I should keep my listening ears on tho; she’s a smart woman.

I get to keep writing in my new position, and I will expand my abilities while I once again work to earn respect and write the best possible copy I can write. I’m six hours from my kids now. It’s still six hours, but it’s not 18, and it’s not in FL.



  1. This is so wonderful for you!

  2. Good for you!! I’m happy for you 😉

  3. Sounds like an unbelievable opportunity, and, like your last/current job…perfect timing and kismet all aligned! Good luck!!!

    1. Thank you. I’m happy to have landed on my feet, as far as my career.

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