Domestic Violence Causes Cancer

There isn’t actually any scientific evidence linking domestic violence and cancer. I don’t believe the title statement, and I don’t think you should either.

Tonight the networks air Stand Up 2 Cancer and appeal to our generosity as a collective audience. This isn’t the first or only group to garner national attention for a national epidemic. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation is practically a household name.

These appeals for donations aren’t new and they are working. We understand far more about cancer because expensive people doing expensive work with expensive equipment have been afforded the opportunity to continue because it will make a difference. We (speaking from the U.S) are not inundated with Small Pox or Polio, after all.

If we keep standing up, keep striving, and keep spending there will continue to be advancement after advancement after advancement. Once upon a time cancer was the end, the final diagnosis. There are many now checked off that list, many becoming easier to detect and faster to treat.

Cancer is uncanny: your body, not your body. Domestic Violence is uncanny: your mind, not your mind.

I am not the first or only person to speak on the topic of abuse without the power of a national campaign to bullhorn our words out into the crowd. I don’t know that there is a domestic violence foundation that is a household name. But there could be.

It’s time to say No More. No more domestic violence.

The power and dynamics of domestic violence render a victim powerless. It isn’t about simply leaving. Many people don’t discuss it. I get that. People also didn’t talk about cancer or AIDS because of the shame. Advocates spoke for those suffering. Advocates can speak for those suffering from domestic violence too. Will you listen?

Visit No More and learn more. We are spending for an ending to cancer. Can we please spend to end domestic violence too?

If we keep standing up, keep striving, and keep spending we can continue to educate and make advancement after advancement after advancement. Someday we too may say it was once upon a time when domestic violence was the end to an individual’s individuality.



  1. The source of cancer is such a mystery, but we keep feeding the researchers who only GUESS at what to study and dissect and how to connect cause and effect. The source of domestic violence is staring us right in the face…every day! And no one wants to do anything about. It’s shameful. We worry more about saving the “reputation” of the pit bull than we do the lives of thousands of mothers across the country. Is it because we feel like we can do nothing to influence the behavior of our own kind? We somehow think we can control a virus or cancer-causing gene one day. Are we absolute lunatics!?!? There is soooo much money being wasted on research that goes no where in the cancer fields. Yet, if that same money were transferred to educating children, teenagers, young adults about domestic violence and intimate partner abuse, it would have a lasting impact, not just be the salary or one-time stipend for a few researchers more interested in having their names slapped on a peer-reviewed article than actually discovering SOMETHING. (Yes, I’m cynical, even toward professions that should be revered.) Thanks for the post. I like it. 🙂

    1. We do know the source of domestic violence and it is way too ignored. I knew I was taking a risk with the title and trying to stowaway on this campaign because cancer is a hot-button topic and very personal to many. But so is domestic violence. So is domestic violence.
      Many of the statistics are similar, and if violence was reported regularly, and taken seriously, the death and affected-by tolls of domestic violence would so far exceed that of cancer that people would be left scared even if they had never been violated.
      I believe we need an advocacy group to promote our stories and promote social education, and I think No More has the strategy to achieve this. We need to keep promoting it and sticking that circle on everything it will stick to and making it as recognizable as the pink ribbon, the yellow ribbon, and the up arrow.

  2. As a survivor of both of these things, my experience is that domestic violence leaves deeper and longer lasting scars than cancer. I applaud your efforts…..and everyone’s… bring more attention to this scourge. By the time I could safely say that I had survived the abuse, cancer (please do not think I am making light of this disease) seemed like a walk in the park. I also happen to believe that there is a mind-body cause for cancer. I know this is controversial, but anyone familiar with Louise Hay’s work on dis-ease will understand why I feel this way. Great post.

    1. They don’t tell you you have to want to live for nothing. If you don’t want it, no amount of medicine will have any lasting affect.
      Thank you for your input. I’m sorry you’ve experienced both. I do not think you are making light of anything.

  3. Hi Melanie… If I may put in my 2 cents for this post. I don’t know if you thought of this title or not but you are not far off. Everything has a “spiritual root”… every disease, every personality flaw… When I looked up the spiritual root of violence and victimization, I found that it was a root of bitterness. Then when I looked up the spiritual root of several cancers, I found that it was also a root of bitterness. You see, this is why it is so important to forgive. Forgiveness breaks off that root of bitterness that attacks our bodies and minds. I know that this is kind of deep but most things are caused by wounds to our spirits that manifest themselves in physical and mental illnesses… Here are a few links if you are interested…. Many blessings to you my friend!!!

    1. Yes, the title is mine. I believe that an unhealthy life, including living with domestic violence or the bitterness after-effect, leads to an unhealthy body. Our bodies, minds, and souls are connected to each other and they all need to be healthy at the same time.

      1. Yes.. body, soul and spirit.. a 3-part being. Thanks Melanie and many blessings to you…

  4. Annie Long · · Reply

    I unknowingly lived with 4 decades of psychological, emotional, financial and latterly physical abuse. I also had breast cancer. I am a homeopath and believe that the cancer may well have been a result of the abuse (there was no history of it in my family). I am also familiar with Louise Hay. I would be very interested to know if anyone has any further information about abused women being diagnosed with breast cancer.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a high number. As they break down our minds, our bodies follow. I know I’m healthier now than I ever was when I was being abused daily.

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