I pledge my allegiance to the victims of the GA Dept of Education

This individual post gets its very own Trigger Warning. I have been processing this for the last day, and I think it possibly contains every possible trigger known to human kind: death threats, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, loss of a child, and much more. This is a very honest, personal exposé and a petition.

Kathy HoneaImagine receiving this letter from someone you work with every day of the week telling  you he’ll “laugh last” when:

“I take my thumbs and use them to push in your eyes and cave in your Goddamn skull and watch you die. […] daddy’s perfect little whore [. . .] shut the fuck up before you get hurt. If these words scare you, wait until you see them in action bitch.”

And then being told by the your state’s authority over safety in your workplace, “they could not help […].”

The Governor of GA: Please give Mrs. Honea and Her Students Justice! It is a very long petition, but it is compelling.

I know Kathy Honea; we first met during my second study abroad. Kathy and I were in the same group, studying Travel Writing. Our connection continued when we returned to campus the following Fall. She was a co-editor of the student literary magazine, and I took the helm when she graduated the following Spring. We were leaders in honor societies; highly involved, top-level students with a drive for knowledge and leadership. Kathy had, and has, a level of motivation that is unparalleled.

This isn’t Kathy’s finest writing (I’m sorry Kathy…go with me here) and that makes it perfect. The fractured, rambling memories serve to strengthen her point. I have read some of her outlined, organized short-stories which present real memories in a fictional frame to draw the reader to the conclusion. Also compelling, but this is so honest, so true, and so matter-of-fact, I felt compelled to the ending because of the frank presentation of a shattered life unbroken.

We have stayed connected over the years, offering support as we both battle bad exs bent on abuse. Reading this petition ripped my heart out. I was so pained my heart reached 10K bpm.

I sent Kathy a message and asked her if it would be better if I waited to sign until I had a GA address. She said, “I am going outside of Georgia . . . I am letting the world know and am asking for a complete investigation. I have the EEOC investigating some of the claims, so that is just a fraction of how big this will be. Thank you for your support! I knew you would not fear speaking out.”

We support you
Mrs. Honea
Falcon Staff
2010 – 2011

I do not fear speaking out.  I’ve signed the petition. I X’d out of the other petitions offered immediately after signing, and I’ll unsubscribe from future emails as soon as the first one after the signature confirmation arrives.

I support Mrs. Honea. Her students support her. I invite you to as well.



  1. I signed. Kate Chopin’s writing was and continues to be VERY influential to me, also. “Story of and Hour” and “The Awakening” changed something within me years ago. It’s only recently that I am able to take control of the change and allow the change to be spoken. Ending Cymbalta “cold turkey” is NOT what any health professional would advise! I was told to wean off of it and consider alternatives. I ignored my psychiatrist and just stopped taking it. I was miserable for nearly 6 weeks. It’s a detox. Severe nausea, headaches, vomiting, feelings of deep depression, and incredible highs. I made it through but only with the love and support of my husband and other family members who knew that I was sick of the drug controlling me. THAT’S why people in power positions like to diagnose truth sayers as having mental health problems so severe that we need to be medicated! Your friend is more clear and honest that any of those controlling assholes will ever be. Who accuses a victim of being abusive, handcuffs her, and sends her to an isolated padded room? Abusers who fear the truth getting out. This entire story disgusts me, saddens me, and makes me even more determined to never stop exposing any truth I have to expose in my life. 😦

    1. Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” taught me so much about storytelling that I still return to it. That, and Hemmingway’s “In Our Time” collection.

      These medical professionals take our lives into their hands when they experiment with our minds with their drugs. No one can function on a psychotropic cocktail.

      Thank you for signing. I know it will mean a lot to Kathy too.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Kathy’s writings and work. My soul sees her soul…..and yours.

    1. Your welcome. And, thank you. Even though it seems like a list of weaknesses, I see the opposite. She’s walked thru some deep, deep do-do, and she’s still walking.

  3. […] that. She deserves a full-page obituary. I’ve written about Kathy before. I wrote about her battle for justice after a student threaten to kill her. I will write about her again. I will give her the honor of a […]

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