A weekend to transition

Technically, I’m unemployed. My contract with my current company ended at 3:10 pm when I walked out of the front doors. I will sign my new contract with my new company on Monday.

From now until then I pack the rest of my house into boxes and the boxes into a truck. Sunday evening I will drive 2+ hours to Columbia, MO and begin 2.5 days of training. Wednesday afternoon I will drive back to St. Louis and meet my moving party and we will set off for Atlanta, GA. Thursday I sign my lease, Friday I get my internet, and Monday I arrive at my new office. It’s a daunting 10 days ahead.

I brought my mascara with me this morning. I just knew I would tear up and what I wear isn’t waterproof. I cried when I read the good-bye card, but since I get there 30 minutes before anyone else, there were no witnesses and I reapplied before anyone arrived. I squeaked thank-yous as everyone filtered in.

My people took me to lunch. I love my people. We’ve built a professional trust and I have valued that. I have done well because they have provided me with what I needed to do well. They think it was the other way around, but I know the quality of my writing wouldn’t have reached the level it did if the marketing reps didn’t talk to me about their clients’ needs and if the recruiters didn’t send me the candidate’s original resume, the job description, and notes from conversations – that was asking for more than anyone had asked for, but it worked. I guess that’s really what I did. I learned. I learned so we could all do better together.

We had a good lunch together. I went premium and had a Seared Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Salad. Happy tummy. It was all laughter. And then it was time to go, just like that. Instead of my 2:30 break my boss said good-bye. She asked if I had a queue, which I didn’t, then she sent me to say my good-byes.

D is still in denial, and J wants me to eat boiled peanuts, Cajun boiled peanuts, and send him a pic of the greasy paper bag. M & I teared up and fanned our eyes. I have looked up to her for two years, and I was honored to listen to her tell me why I will do well. S snagged two hugs, and so did the other M. Everyone got hugs. Everyone got tears. T reminded me she only needed a couple of days notice for my return and the other S said don’t you dare you’ve got a new world to conquer. I love my people.

So I came home earlier than I expected, and I pulled the card out of my purse and let the tears flow:

Thanks for all your hard work! I appreciate all you have done to get me up & running. Enjoy your new life.

Good luck. We will be missing you.

I miss you already! I hope moving to Georgia works out for you. I’m looking forward to the day you come home to Missouri/SCI. Keep in touch.

I will miss you! Good luck Melanie.

We will miss you! You’re the best, and I hope everything works out for you! If you ever need anything please call me.

Wish you all the happiness you deserve! You will be missed.

Mel, I will miss you so much. Be happy!

Thank you for everything! Just call and let me know your re-hire date a couple days in advance. Good luck and keep us updated.

Wishing you all the best and much success!

It was a pleasure working with you. Good luck in Georgia, and get some boiled peanuts.

You’re the best Melanie! Good luck and happiness to you!

It was great working with you and I appreciate the confidence you gave me, knowing that every resume would be perfect. I wish you the best and thank you for all of your help.



  1. all the very best as you transition!

    1. all the very best to you too. there is nothing easy about moving, and in the middle of the emotional puzzle you have to remember where the coffee pot is in the new kitchen (and where the new kitchen is).

      1. thank you and you have me laughing!! yes coffee and a map to the kitchen!

  2. Love the “good-bye” card, so sappy! I am very excited for you. I hate moving but it’s the unpacking that’s the most fun and the most grounding. 🙂

    1. The card is going in my special memories box. 🙂 I wasn’t surprised I got a card, I’ve seen others get cards, but I was surprised at what people wrote. I was touched. Still am.
      I hate moving too, but it will be fun to set up my space. When I moved into my current house I had less than half of what I am moving out with, so I was always rearranging to fit the next donation. This time I get to move in and be in, and that’s exciting.

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