Deliberate Donkey on Facebook

A while ago I set up a page for Deliberate Donkey on Facebook. I go to that page every few days. I tried this morning, and was denied. Somehow, someone has taken control of that account. The email addresses associated are no longer working, and I have lost control of that page.

I disconnected the page from this blog, but I know not what else I can do. If you are friends with TendingWeeds or like DeliberateDonkey, I suggest you unfriend and unlike.



  1. Of course…Imagine what a productive part of the human race he’d be if he put this same amount of effort into NOT being a giant ass.

    1. I know. I’m still working on figuring this whole thing out, but he is top on the list of suspects.

  2. Might just be that the page is down or something. Definitely suggest that you contact Facebook to get it shut down!

    1. Thank you for that suggestion. I’m feeling a little helpless that someone else has control and can post as me. That could definitely look very bad.

      1. Well, are you still able to write on the page? If so, just write a big warning on there that you no longer have control of the page. If not, get any friends that you know that follow the page to write on there too.

  3. He might have reported your page and FB might have taken it down…

    1. The pages are still up, I just couldn’t access them as the owner anymore. FB and I chatted at length about the recent attempts to get into my accounts. After a speech about “real names only” I asked them to close them down. Tending Weeds and Deliberate Donkey should be down by tomorrow. I’ll make a new FBpage for the blog soon.

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