Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

My travelling partners and I got the wild idea that we could walk thru London. We got the wild idea to see London from the top. We opted not to return by tube.

We walked from St. Paul’s Cathedral, across the Millennium Bridge, and thru the Tate Modern.

We meandered down the River Thames,

and across the Westminster Bridge,

through Piccadilly Circus,

and to the Marble Arch to pick up our bus back to Oxford.

Turns out we could see a lot of London from the top. It took several hours and covered almost five walking miles, including one detour to an authors’ house.

We also found a self-cleaning toilet on a street corner and my sister’s sister-in-law in a souvenir shop.

I was looking for directions. She was looking for a shirt.



  1. awesome pics! that takes me back, i went to England in my 20’s and saw all that!

    1. That was me at 26, during my first study abroad in 2004. We saw so much that day and it was so worth the tired legs.

      1. awesome! it really looks like you had fun in the pics!

        1. The was pre-Donkey. That’s really what’s foreign. The me before Donkey. I’m only now getting back to the traveler in me, 7 years after my last real trip.

          1. Wow! Painful but good that you are getting yourself back. How goes the battle dare I ask? xo

            1. Ugh. Just when I thought I was going to have a quiet week, he goes and shouts his control-freak voice at me. But it got me thinking about being thankful, so tonight’s post will be his order to me to thank someone for doing his work for him, and then some because in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m going to be thankful, damn it.

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