Facebook knows everything

Including how I feel.



  1. Haha! What were you doing out there in FB Land?

    1. I was pillaging someone else’s Like list to find some new fodder for my newsfeed and clicked on the Like for my page instead of the Like for the page above. So I’m told I can’t connect to myself. Funny, and true.

  2. oh my i thought my computer was doing something funky when i saw the FB thing….lol

  3. Ahw hahah.. I once Facebooked my first name.. and a page with ‘Purnima needs help’ rolled out.. O.o The universe works in funny ways.

    1. Oh that’s funny! FB is too intuitive if you ask me.

  4. […] matter. I never want to feel that again. My brain was on a tilt-a-whirl for a solid week, and then I lost connection with my body. I couldn’t see¬†straight¬†or think straight. I was in misery for three weeks. […]

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