Georgia’s Stop Violence Against Women Day

I will be one of hundreds as one of millions. I feel like this is especially important since the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) slipped through the ass-cracks of Washington.


This is an event I need to attend because I sit here every day and write about how domestic violence has forever altered my life, and I want to put my words into action. I want them to hear me. I want them to hear us.

I want them to look at me, at all of us together, and see that there is no typical face to domestic violence. I can’t tell you how many people have looked at my physicality and said, you don’t look like someone who would be a victim. I can’t tell you how many people have listened to my voice and said, you don’t sound like someone who would be a victim.

I am no fearless leader. I will probably cry. I will probably shake. I will probably blubber, should I actually get the opportunity to sit down with a Legislator.  I’m represented by Senator Hunter Hill and Representative Rich Golick. This means talking to men in positions of authority. This means talking to Republican men in positions of authority. Cue panic.

These are two good people to sit down and chat with though, should they elect to attend the event. Representative Golick is the Chair of the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee and Senator Hill is a member of the Senate Judiciary Non-Civil Committee. Legislation that carries the potential for criminal penalties are referred to the Judiciary Non-Civil Committee for review. Domestic Violence is a criminal offense with criminal penalties; it is non-civil.

I am working on a letter to ask both Golick and Hill to participate in this event. It goes without saying that they should, especially with their influence on criminal judicial matters. If you have any experience with political letter writing, I welcome your input. If you have any thought about what should or shouldn’t be left out of my request, I welcome your input.

For more information, or to register to attend, visit the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence website.

From the “Stop Violence Against Women” page on the GCADV website:

Stop Violence Against Women Day is an annual event held at the Georgia State Capitol at which advocates, survivors, and allies come together to raise awareness about domestic and sexual violence against women and to advocate for laws and policies that enhance safety and promote justice for survivors.

This event gives attendees an opportunity to get connected with each other and with the larger movement against violence against women. It also gives them an opportunity to foster relationships with their legislators in order to inform them of how domestic and sexual violence is impacting the lives of their constituents and their communities.

Now, to soapbox for just a minute…

We absolutely need to stop the violence against women, but we shouldn’t forget that men are victims too. Far fewer men report domestic violence than women, and not nearly enough women are able to report it. We need to stop Intimate Partner Violence: husbands and boyfriends beating wives and girlfriends, wives and girlfriends beating husbands and boyfriends,wives and girlfriends beating wives and girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends beating husbands and boyfriends, fathers beating children, mothers beating children, all of it.

I put my name on the roster to fight the good fight against fighting.



  1. Darla Carmichael · · Reply

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Keep up the good work of spreading awareness.

    1. Thank you. I hope several hundred people show up…strength in numbers.

  2. […] but the only survivor not turned advocate associated with a particular group. Everyone I met at the Stop Violence Against Women Day today worked for a coalition, a foundation, a commission, a shelter, or some other organized group. […]

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