If Names Are Not Correct

“If names are not correct, language will not be in accordance with the truth of things.”  ~Confucius

Daily Prompt: All About Me – explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

I have two blogs and I will tell you the story of both titles here, today, right now. These stories have already been told, but I will tell them again so you don’t have to go looking for them. Goodness knows finding categories without the Dewey Decimal System is rightly impossible.

Blog #1: Deliberate Donkey (started 6 March 2012)

I picked the name for several reasons. Or a couple. Maybe a few. Or just one.

First and foremost, I have called my ex-husband Donkey for years, for longer than we have been separated and divorced. His original moniker was Iron, and not because he was hardened by impurities, but because iron’s symbol on the periodic table is Fe, and I had to stop calling him Fucking Erik.

Iron didn’t last long. It didn’t have the umpf I needed. He is an ass, so he became Donkey. He is an ass on purpose, so the blog became Deliberate Donkey. And, also, as well, and furthermore, I like alliteration. It is my favorite literary scheme.

Aware that a name is both projective and reflective, I wondered if readers would wonder if I wasn’t the donkey, but that didn’t last long. Donkeys as a species are really great animals. I kind of felt bad for the donkeys calling Donkey a donkey. They are sober, patient, cautious, and intelligent, and, actually factually, are not stubborn. The worst part about a donkey is they talk too much. I talk too much. Fine by me. Oh, and they kick. Hard. But then, so do I.

Donkeys as assholes, however, are not really great animals. They are drunk, irritable, brash, ignorant, insecure, weak, and stubborn. Donkey is an ass on purpose.

So the title works both ways. It’s a bi-title. He-donkey…ass. Me-donkey…talks too much. Deliberate…on purpose – he is an ass on purpose (have I said that already?) and I am talking about it on purpose.

Blog #2: This Is My Corn (started 5 December 2012)

(I have not shared this here, that I have a second blog. I have received more than a few exclamation points from the few of you who have happened upon it. So, here it is. Horn tooted.)

I picked this name for several reasons. Or a couple. Maybe a few. Or just one.

Deliberate Donkey is subject-specific; I pigeon-holed myself into a one-topic blog. That’s fine. I have no regrets. It was set up specifically to organize Donkey’s ass-ness in one place. Because of that, I didn’t want to interrupt the storytelling with storytelling. It is a blog about the domestic violence I have and continue to endure. I didn’t want to “ruin” that with my creative endeavors.

When I felt like I was ready to return to more creative pieces, pieces that have nothing to do with domestic violence, I sat down and plotted what it was I wanted out of a second blog. I wanted to be able to create, to write, to opine, and to be funny, or at least funny looking. I wanted general and I wanted my unique oddness to be a part of it.

I thought and I thinked and I thunk. What is my favorite book? What is my favorite music? What is my favorite movie? What would be a reflection of me?

My answer came from my favorite movieField of Dreams. That’s what I wanted from this, an open field to dream. I watched the movie (again) and wrote out my favorite quotes, and near the end I wrote and hit on exactly what I would name this space: “That’s my corn out there. You guys are guests in my corn.

Born: This is My Corn. You people are guests in my corn. This movie is full of quotable quotes, and I found that I had an abundance for filling out the theme and widgets with Dreams appropriate thievery. Everything fell into place and I settled on my title, tagline, header widget text, and side widget titles.

Plus the added bonus of corn being one of the single most versatile crops grown in the United States, the fact that I was born and raised in the Midwest, and that corn is just a funny funny word. Corn. Corny. Cornball. Corndog. Ha! Corn. Say it enough and it no longer sounds like a real word.

So there you have it. The history of my blog names. Here for posterity. Always and forever, til death do I part, because nothing on the internet ever dies.



  1. i gots me a corn field to get too! lol

  2. had no idea you had a second blog! checking it out for sure 😉

    1. No one did. It’s why I’ve been exclamation-pointed so many times. I started it without telling anyone I started it…until today. I blew my cover.

  3. Corn is awesome , being from the midwest as well. In Illinois we would hide in the corn fields itchy I remember and the stalks could slice you like a knife. My family was blessed to make a living off that funny name. Also this not smoking sucks. Ah maybe a corn cob pipe is in order…. Write write write my friend…

    1. These last two days have been the hardest. It’s like the glory of quitting has worn off, and now it’s over and I’m ready for a cig. I won’t smoke, but I will be crabby.

  4. Ahw.. Field of Dreams is so going on my to watch list.. heading outside in a bit to get some chocolate. School can wait!

    I second the comment above;

    Write, write, write my friend! 😀

    1. If you haven’t seen Field of Dreams, you absolutely must as soon as possible. It will show you the benefit of taking a risk to follow your dreams, even if everyone thinks you’re crazy for doing it.

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  6. I am impressed. I would never be able to maintain two blogs. I’m barely maintaining one, and I’m pretty sure that maintaining is a strong word in this context. I thought about the same thing. I enjoy blogs about nothing, and yet my blog is about my recovery from an alcoholic MARRIAGE. But then I decided, oh well, it will morph as I do. Hopefully, I will go through this journey and end up at a point where I’m no longer in recovery. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon, so for now, my blog is safe to remain the same old me whining about my ex stuff.

    1. I did this because I needed to. I live to write and I got to the point that I needed to write beyond my abusive marriage, divorce, and co-parenting experiences. I started the second blog when the time was right so I wouldn’t feel like I was forcing it, and then I still took it slow. It’s all a process, and it’s all about becoming myself again.

  7. S Stitches · · Reply

    Heh. I like alliteration, too. I have even been known to say “What a sweet piece of assonance.” I’m 12.

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