Today is Not My Day

I claim self-defense.

Do Not Touch Me

P.S. This image as been around for a while. I don’t really know who to credit for making it since it’s made the rounds on the internet for a few years. So, to the original creator: thank you!



  1. Nice image. Isn’t it funny how so many people dislike this day. I know I do. Regardless of everything this day represents that is designed to make you feel unhappy, I wish you a Happy Valentines Day. This blog is a lot different than the other one. I like the corn.

    1. Too bad this “holiday” gets so much hype. It really isn’t worth it.
      Corn is easier to like. It’s more fun. This one can be exhausting to read. I know it is to live this, but the writing helps me get it out of my head so I don’t dwell on it, and that is rejuvenating.

      1. I think it is great that you have this outlet. I am glad I came across your blogs.

  2. Pic is funny but i’m sorry you’re hurting. xo

    1. Now that today is here and almost over, I’m hoping to be less crabby. I’ve been on edge all week, and I think today being a miserable “holiday” is what did it.

      1. awww i totally understand that. here’s to a better tomorrow for you xo

  3. We can suffer together.

    1. Cupid is the devil. But why are you suffering? I thought today would be a good day for you.

        1. I’m truly sorry. I hope it’s just a pothole and not a full blown road closure.

  4. Look up “Divorced but keeping my sense of humor” on Facebook. The picture with cupid face down with an arrow in the back? PRICELESS.
    But look tomorrow. Join me in AVOIDING Facebook today.

  5. I used this very same image in my ‘Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day’ post. I love this image. It speaks volumes to those of us who are anti-Valentine’s Day whatever the reason(s).

    1. I do too. It’s just perfect (except maybe for anti-gun advocates; they probably think it’s too violent).

      1. Strange you should say that because when I showed it to my mother she chastised me for using it. I told her the person holding the gun is practicing self defense. 😀 Needless to say she didn’t buy it.

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