Her art, My words

Sunday was another girls night skype night. My son took a late nap and wasn’t awake by the time I logged in at 5pm. Yup. 5pm! I left the commentary on that to a big fat nothing. I had many objections, but I also had one of those headaches that make you want to rip your brain out through your nose, shove ice picks through your eyes, and puke all at the same time.

So my daughter and I had another private chat. Man is it beautiful when Donkey is not in sight. Not just not in sight, but out of the room and behind a closed door. Too bad it wasn’t behind a closed cell door…

She already had her paper and markers ready. Again, she started by showing me the drawings she had already made for me, including the back where she signed her name and mine in cursive. Donkey is pushing the cursive writing.

Her art, My words 1She started a new drawing with great enthusiasm. My head was pounding, so I told her my head hurt and I would just be watching and not talking. That was ok with her; she said she could do all the talking. I laughed and then very nearly got sick from the pain.

Her first masterpiece was very colorful. I was pleased. I was also aware of how hard it was for me to both watch and listen. I know she talked. She talks like her momma, which is to say, she talks a lot. When she finished I had her hold it up so I could take a picture. Front and back.

Her art, My words 2Then she put the markers away and took out her crayons. For her next work of art, I took out my phone and made a video of the production. I knew I would want to see this. I didn’t want to miss out on both works of art because my head was on the verge of exploding. It’s a fifteen minute video. That’s all my phone will take, but it was enough to capture the moment.

For this drawing, she made a picture of a family. She started with herself. Good girl. Then she drew her brother. Sweet. Next came mommy. Yes! I got green eyes because I have green eyes. She got brown and my son got blue, and I was very happy. She gave us all hair. Mine is curly and short. Accurate. My son’s was a triangle. Not so accurate, unless she was drawing him straight out of bed, then it’s right on. She gave herself long straight hair. Longer than anyone else. As long as the paper and back around again. She really wants long hair. Then she dressed us all. She and I wore green dresses, and she gave her brother green pants and a green shirt. I was pleased with the colors. Lots of pretty not red and not black colors.

After the family, before the queenFinally, she added a queen. But not finally, because then she decided she and mommy would also get crowns because we were princesses, and my son got a rather large hat so he could be a prince.

There was not a daddy or donkey in sight.

Family PortraitWe could have talked for another hour, could I have managed another minute. I wish I could have kept going. I hate that I couldn’t keep going. My head. For goodness sakes, my stupid head. The pain was overwhelming and I had to say good-bye. She understood, or said she did. My son still wasn’t awake. I told her I was going to eat some soup and go to bed. She gave me a hug and a kiss. I ate some soup, took a hot bath, and went to bed. My headache went away by lunchtime Monday.



  1. i’m sorry you had such a wicked headache! xo

    1. Thank you. It’s finally gone. How’s your back?

      1. i’m so glad it’s gone! my back is bad. i almost wish i had a doc…lol

        1. I hope it gets better soon.

  2. I’m glad you got some alone time with her. And I’ll just quietly roll my eyes at Donkey letting your son take a NAP past 5pm.

    1. Once my headache was gone, I rolled my eyes too.

  3. Melanie, she’s adorable. And a very talented artist. I’m glad you had a good time with her and I can’t wait to read about your spring break.

    1. Thanks! I hope it works out. He currently refusing to allow me to talk to them on the phone. I hope it stops there.

      1. What? How can he even do that?

        1. He can’t, but that doesn’t stop him from sending me to voicemail and refusing to answer my texts.

          1. What a douche.

            1. He finally responded. He said his ringer was off. It probably was, but it’s suspicious considering the timing. I sent him my official objection to his move to Orlando today.

              1. Is there really any ground to stand on since it’s less than 50 miles?

                1. If he were to move to Orlando, it would be 80 miles. He can move 50 miles and commute 30 miles to work. It was a symbolic objection. It does set me up to maintain the meeting location in Tifton rather than having to drive farther because of his move. I don’t even actually have to drive to Tifton. The divorce requires us to meet in Chattanooga, with no stipulations in case either of us move. It’s set solid to always be in Chattanooga. I agreed to Tifton to avoid a fight.

                  1. Well, you could change it back to Chattanooga just to piss him off if he goes through with this.

                    1. I plan to. My lawyer and I talked about that today. I didn’t include that sentence in the email today. I chickened out, but I also thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to set that monster in motion until I know for sure he is actually making the move. He didn’t tell me if he was taking the job or not, only that I was entitled to my opinion.

                    2. Well, it’s so very nice of him to let you have your own opinion.

                    3. Yeah, that’s the next blog post title: entitle to an opinion that doesn’t matter.

                    4. Um, it matters to me…if that matters.

                    5. It does matter. Thank you. Donkey is the only one it doesn’t matter to. He’s the only one who views me as less than human. I recognize he is not the average man. He’s not even really a man.

                    6. No, he’s not. Unfortunately he’s not the only one out there like that.

                    7. No he isn’t, and that’s why I won’t date. I know I could meet a nice, normal man, but I could also meet another donkey, and it isn’t worth it. I’m fine with the middle of the bed, and the loneliness never lasts more than a day.

                    8. I’d hate to think that you’ll have that attitude forever. You deserve to be loved, Melanie. I hope you don’t let that jackass ruin that for you.

                    9. We all deserve it. I do. You do. But finding it, well, that’s harder than anything else, I think.

                    10. This, I know. But I wouldn’t rule it out outright. Who knows when someone may come along?

                    11. We can’t tell the future. Someday holds a lot of maybes.

                    12. So it does. As a friend, I would advise you to keep an open mind. If you go through life thinking of ever man as a potential donkey…well, I don’t know what but it isn’t good.

                    13. You’re right. I don’t know if it is that I think that every man is a potential donkey. I know lots of good men. I know you, and you aren’t a donkey. I don’t trust that I will be able to tell if the kindness is a ploy or genuine.

                    14. Well, when you’re ready, just make sure that you go extremely slow. A donkey will show himself over time. Also, I will NOT be getting married again. For some reason shit changes once the ring is there.

                    15. Plus, there’s the whole idea I’m stuck on that I don’t want to bring Donkey into anybody else’s life.

                    16. Someday some one will love you enough that it won’t bother him. Besides, he’ll eventually tire of these idiotic games and move on. Mine did.

  4. She’s a doll!

    1. Thanks 🙂

  5. OMG!! Love this! 😀 Thanks for sharing. She’s so talented and absolutely precious. So are you. Despite the situation – you still put so much artistry and humor/wit in your words! 😀

    1. I tell her all the time she’s my favorite little girl. That’s one advantage of having one boy and one girl. I can tell my son he’s my favorite little boy. I can have two favorites.

  6. Those were adorable and she’s a cutie! I think it says a lot that the donkey didn’t get a picture. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

  7. Melanie , I hope you are not suffering from cluster headaches or migraines. Isy is such a doll. Your little artist!!

    1. This happens about once every six months. The last one was in the beginning of October. Isy is a doll. She’s a precious little girl.

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