Guest Post: The Right of Writing

Check out my guest post on “I Survived a Murder Attack” on the benefits of writing out my story and how it has helped me heal.

I Survived a Murder Attack -- My Family Didn't

Today I’m featuring a post from a guest writer. Please welcome Melanie from the blog Deliberate Donkey. Melanie writes about her past and ongoing experiences with domestic violence, the damages it causes a person and a family, and her continual process to rediscovering herself. 

Sometimes the write therapy is the right therapy.

Writing out my story has allowed me to bare my soul without enduring the accusational cues of a therapist, the “uh huh”s, “hmmm”s, and “oh”s coupled with subtle brow wrinkles, up-turned noses, and seat-shifting. I saw them judging me, disguised as diagnoses, frantically searching their brains for the clinical term for “her life really fucking sucks right now”.

There was no manic depression, no clinical depression, no major depression, or atypical depression, and there are no pills FDA approved to cure “life is just really heavy right now and I need to lighten the weight.” Sure, physicians and clinicians will offer…

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