The Day Facebook Cried Uncle

Words are powerful. Yes. We use them everyday. Actions are powerful. Yes. They give credibility to our words. Today I posted my take on Facebook and its reaction to the #FBrape campaign on The Outlier Collective.



  1. Very powerful post. One advantage to the success of #fbrape is that now, we know we can deal damage to this titan.

    I hope, that this one operation will motivate others to stand up quicker next time: “it helped a bit last time, so why not try again?”

    1. You’re right; we do now know to pull the strings of FB. It showed that they will respond, though it wasn’t to the countless people reporting these images for the last year, it was to the loss of revenue.

      1. Yeah, wow… A victory with a bitter after taste.

  2. what the hell

    1. What the hell what? The campaign? The statement? The post?

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