Judge Craig, Reassigned

Oh happy day! I thought I’d have to wait for re-election to have a new judge, but no. Seems the gods of the judicial system have seen fit to re-assign Judge Dennis Craig out of Flagler County and in to Volusia County.

4 Years In, Judge Dennis Craig Is Reassigned to Volusia and Replaced by Michael Orfinger

While I’m thrilled for myself, and all women who suffered the biased judgments of the misogynistic Craig in Flagler, I feel sorry for the people of Volusia.

The change is effective today. I think it’s time I revisit those Contempt of Court charges I’ve let sit for the six months, year, year and a half…



    1. I know! Happy dance!!

      1. What’s the new guy’s record like? He doesn’t stink as well, does he?

        1. He seems highly regarded in his professional community, but who knows. His judgments will tell.

  2. Yay, that’s great news. 🙂

    1. It is great news! And also a bit sad. On one hand I’m done with that jackhole. On the other, there’s a-whole-nother county who has to suffer his bias. At least there will be two counties with direct experience with his misjudgments and hopefully that will lessen the likeliness of re-election.

  3. Bob, the Dad of Daughters. · · Reply

    GREAT NEWS. I HOPE. Just don’t count on past transgressions being overturned any time soon. BUT future ones being more fair. You’ve heard about Fl’s laws and how people have paid the price.

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