He Spits in My Face

He just likes to show his ass. But then, he is Donkey. Just the other day I posted my woes over him making yet another decision impacting the kids with no regard to co-parenting. He wasn’t finished with me.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of his email rants. Partly because he switched to texting for nearly all communications, but also because I foolishly thought it would have a positive benefit on the animosity of our “relationship.”





You’d think with moving in with his girlfriend he’d be in a better mood. Not that he hasn’t for the last year and a half, but now he has someone to do his laundry, clean his house, provide for his children, and fuck him whenever he demands it. I hope she’s got the fortitude to endure the hell she’s entering.


  1. What an ass.
    Had to get that out first.
    My wife was married to a similar ass who recently cut all ties with his son and daughter (they live with us) because they don’t “respect his new girlfriend.” We’ve tried explaining to him that they are unhappy because she controls and dominates all their time together. They want time with their Dad — an hour or two of 1-on-1 time during weekend visits. Instead, he is allowing her inssecurity to drive a wedge between him and his children. I don’t get it.

    I’m sorry you have to deal with this jackass. How do they keep multiplying?

    1. Some people don’t know how to listen. I’m sorry you know how that feels, and that their are kids who are affected. That’s the worst. How hard is an hour? What is wrong that she wouldn’t want that for everyone? I don’t understand.

  2. Christ. I feel like this is me dealing with Asshat. Talking around you, over you, like you’re a moron. Like you’re the terrible parent for not just going along with his whims and plans.
    So, his thought process is that as long as he stays in the 50 mile radius that he can make any and all decisions impacting the kids unilaterally?
    It’s bullshit. So much bullshit that you can’t even move through it. Its just everywhere.
    I’m anxious to hear how that plays out in court for him.
    In the meantime, I’m sorry.

    1. I never even mentioned the move. He’s right about that. He can move anywhere he wants within a 50-mile radius; outside that requires either my written agreement and consent, or a court order (which, funny enough, is the only court order he’s followed when the court approved his move to Orlando).
      That right, however, is restricted by the shared parental responsibility clause.
      I’m sorry for your ordeal too. I read your post, but I haven’t come back to comment. Good luck at graduation.

  3. Grumble, grumble… yep, he missed the point. This sucks, I’m sorry.

    1. Thanks DJ.
      Did you manage to get any rest? How is Rara’s fund going? I haven’t looked. I have a post in the process to share the link.

      1. Moving along, today was a bit slow, but still ticking upwards. Rest? You’re funny.

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