Kicking the Hornet’s Nest

Considering his propensity to make decisions without me, I thought it wise to ask questions. Seems that was not wise. I didn’t even realize I was kicking a hornet’s nest. Though once I did, I kicked some more.

I had to ask twice before I even got an answer, though it was hardly an answer.

School 1He’s the king of refusing to answer the question he’s asked. Avoidance, denial, whatever. He just doesn’t want to give me information.

School 2

I waited a week and asked again. He did say he would be registering them for their new school this week.

School 3

That’s when I really pissed him off.

School 4

Hornet’s nest officially kicked.

School 5

He’s such a shithead. I am entitled to this information. I am allowed to ask about my own children’s lives. He’s just an asshole. A donkey. A deliberate donkey.

School 6

It is asking too much for him to involve me. Funny though, he loses his shit over me asking about school, after-school care, and activities, but he’s never once flipped his lid over the monthly emails requesting the money ordered in the divorce.


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  2. It’s all about control. They don’t love, they control, they don’t care they control, They don’t reason, they control, They are so intent on controlling they often bite off their nose to spite their face. Childish and so god damn frustrating!!

    1. It is childish and frustrating, and is all about control. If I ask him for information he’s threatened that I am demanding something he has decided I’m not allowed yet. It’s ridiculous and counterproductive. It certainly isn’t in the best interest of the children, but what does he care about that.

  3. Christ, what a big baby. STOP HARRASSING ME! (With these emails im choosing to open, read and respond to.)

    1. He is a tiny little baby. Childish, immature…infuriating. I’m betting he got pissed because he didn’t register them and had to admit that. Had he, he could have just answered the question. Now I’m “not allowed” to ask him again until a week out from the deadline. What a crock of shit.

  4. Mel,

    He is a punk! I’m hoping you have a court date soon and the new judge is able to see through his bullshit.

    1. Court will be a few months out. Not only because there’s a lot of preparation going into another round of battles, but also because my kids are with me for the summer and I’m not in a hurry to spend time preparing for court when I can be hugging and loving on them.
      I’ve heard some good things about this new judge. Here’s hoping that holds for me too.

  5. I had a bit of a hiatus. You’d think hed get tired of it all and grow up. He is very abusive in the way he interacts with you. Almost seems like he’s craving attention from you. In any case njoy your time with the kids. Hope you have a wonderful summer 🙂

    1. Summer has been wonderful, thank you. I hope you enjoyed your hiatus. I don’t know what his problem is, other than he cannot handle it being pointed out that he is in the wrong.

      1. Haha well enjoyed.. I had my own donkeys to deal with.. terrible species I must tell you. 😉 Once they are grown up that middle finger comes in good use 😉 Let’s pray the worlds donkeys grow up too. Or at least just a little 😉

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