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(un)Friendly Neighbor, II

His words make me nervous. The red flags are bright.

(un)Friendly Neighbor

The first person I met in my new neighborhood isn’t a person I want to know. I met him on day two. He was helping his parents with a project. I went outside to take in the new neighborhood, and he hollered from three houses down, and then walked over for introductions and everyday niceties. […]

Silent Treatment

Remember the old commercial for Tootsie Pops? How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? I feel like I’m living that with Donkey. How many times to I have to ask the same question before I get an answer? The world may never know.

Outside the Inner Circle

My son was full of boy energy one night last week, and no amount of pleading through Skype stopped him from tackling his sister. It’s ineffective, every time. At least when we are together I can physically separate them and prevent accidental injury. Donkey was downstairs entertaining. No where to be seen or heard. Which is unusual. […]

DVA 2013: Keeping Awareness Going

It’s October so there’s a big focus right now on Domestic Violence Awareness. People who wouldn’t otherwise shout from the rooftops, carry signs, or even simply utter the terrifying and embarrassing words, domestic violence, find it’s easier to be vocal when the crowd is chanting like-wise. Good. I get that not everyone can talk about […]

The Donkey of The River Pub

I arrived in the middle of happy hour, stayed through the lull, and left when trivia was in full swing. October is many things, including baseball post-season, and since my cable package doesn’t include TBS I had to go out somewhere to watch the Cardinals game. There weren’t many seats open at the bar, and […]

A Couple of Songs

I can count my dad as one of my supporters. Sometimes he comments on Facebook, sometimes here, sometimes in a phone call. He is on my side, and not just because he is half of me, but because he believes abuse is wrong, that it needs to end, and that speaking out about it is […]

A Survivor’s Guide to Staying Safe on Facebook

Just go offline is a ridiculous thing to tell a survivor of domestic violence. Isolation is a tactic of abusers, and suggesting that a victim or survivor continue that, or further that, is condoning a strategy abusers use to maintain their control over their target. It’s been my experience that going online is empowering and […]