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Share to make our voice heard – #Pistorius #narcissist #murderer #sociopath

Originally posted on Love. Life. OM. Blog:
Share and pass along my latest Communities Digital news article: The Pistorius narcissist diagnosis: The experts got it wrong The murder of Reeva Steenkamp and the Pistorius trial has really affected me, and I believe it has affected many, many of us. It all just feels too close to…

Talking About Domestic Violence

In the blogging community, everyone has the floor at the same time. There is no need to take turns, and this can generate conversation like nothing else. No matter the topic, dozens of conversations can happen at the same time. I adore Rarasaur, and so when she told me about one such conversation, I was […]

With the tap of an app

Call the police. How many times are victims told to do this? Questioned as to why they didn’t? Call the police. Three words, very simple words. They don’t take much to utter, only four syllables. Victims are in a difficult position when it comes to calling the police. They have to get access to a […]

An Open Letter to Detective Ben Mitchell

Dear Detective Ben Mitchell, a member of the Family Victims Unit in Greensboro, North Carolina: You contributed to an article written by Joe Gamm and published 7 September in the News & Record on the uptick of homicides related to Domestic Violence: “Domestic violence-related deaths on rise in Greensboro“. I reacted with disbelief to many of the […]

So far, it’s a Two-thirds Solution

This post garnered 16 views yesterday. It’s at least a 20-view post. Joking aside, though, as I transition Deliberate Donkey to a collaborative space and work on a comfortable schedule for continuing to share my story here while providing a safe and supportive space for the community of survivors, I’ll be writing more and more […]

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and it’s time to spotlight this ignored private matter. Let’s take this 4-day old story: LAPD Detectives concluded Johnny Lewis murdered 81-year-old Catherine Davis. His violence had been escalating from petty theft to burglary to assault with a deadly weapon to, finally, murder. The creator of Lewis’s most recent stardom, Kurt Sutter of […]

FAMU blames victim for his death

As if victims needed another punch. Orlando Sentinel, “FAMU faults Champion in his hazing death”, 11 Sept 2012: Florida A&M University is not responsible for drum major Robert Champion‘s hazing death, according to a court document filed Monday night. Champion himself is. In a 23-page motion seeking dismissal of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by […]

Domestic Violence Causes Cancer

There isn’t actually any scientific evidence linking domestic violence and cancer. I don’t believe the title statement, and I don’t think you should either. Tonight the networks air Stand Up 2 Cancer and appeal to our generosity as a collective audience. This isn’t the first or only group to garner national attention for a national epidemic. The […]