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The Next Chapter

It’s a highly cliché title, but it’s accurate.  Three years ago I moved to Atlanta to be in between my children and my family. It was the right decision. In three days I am moving to Orlando to be close to my children. It is the right decision. Three years ago the divorce was newly […]

Three Years In and Nothing’s Changed

But it doesn’t matter. I might as well be talking to air.

We were toxic together

My story like so many of yours is typical but at the same time not at all. I read your stories and relate to them in a very intimate way: I have lived them. Before I tell you my story of abuse, I have to give a glimpse into the past of two people, my […]

DV Awareness: Knowing is one thing, acting is another

The nurses at my side while I labored for 18 hours to give birth to my son knew I was in an abusive marriage. I was questioned again and again, and again and again I answered no. I wasn’t hiding or lying, I didn’t know. Silence prevailed. I did not know. Donkey’s pattern was still 2 […]