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Thank you

What a year, equal parts good and evil, which is an improvement over 2012 which was pretty much hell. In 2013, Donkey didn’t get away with being an asshole about what time the kids and I have together, he hasn’t gotten away with closing this blog, and a woman’s life was saved. In 2013, I […]

Don’t Judge Me

I never considered myself a domestic violence victim until this last year. I knew my first high school romance had been a bad relationship.  I knew it hadn’t been healthy, but I always thought of DV as physical abuse. Broken noses. Black eyes. If there wasn’t an injury, then it wasn’t DV. The realization came […]

She got flowers

She Got Flowers She got flowers! It wasn’t her birthday, or any other special day. They had their first fight, and he said many cruel things that really hurt her. She knows that he is sorry, and that he will not say those things again, because he sent her flowers to forgive. She got flowers! It […]

Working to Empty the Bag of Anger

Hey, um…c’mere. Yes–come closer, so I can whisper you a story. We’re friends, right? So it won’t be a problem if I tell you a secret. Let’s sit over here, where it’s kinda dark; maybe the rest of the world, the part that doesn’t understand what abuse can do, won’t see or hear us for […]

How a smart person can get sucked into abuse Part III

Part I here. Part II here. By the time the Narc entered my life I was 32 years old; he was 47. We worked for the same company and he saw the implosion of my marriage from the sidelines. He witnessed the multiple phone calls from Dale, and my reactions to things Dale said. He […]

How a smart person can get sucked into abuse, Part II

For Part I see this post. This is a hard one.There are so many more layers to the eight years I was with Dale. By the time I left Psycho Mark, who had promised to kill me if I ever left, I was a wreck emotionally. I had a good job and was living with […]

How a smart person can get sucked into abuse

A common question asked of abuse survivors by people who have not been abused is this: “Why did you let it happen?” or  “Why didn’t you leave sooner?” or they will make statements like, “I thought you were smarter than that!” or “I would never stand for that kind of treatment!” all while looking at […]

Guest Post: How I Overcame My Abuse

For the first of hopefully many Guest Posts, please welcome Twindaddy, writer of humor, honest self-reflection, and stuph™ over at Stuphblog (go take a gander, and while you’re there, click that blog-happy Follow button). And, before you begin this story, I would like to say thank you to Twindaddy for sharing his journey to freedom. It […]