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A crack in the heart

I hope he comes home in a good mood tonight. If he does, maybe he won’t notice that I mixed the spaghetti sauce with the pasta. He always gets so mad at me when I do that. I always forget. I am so stupid. I am protective mother hen. The kids walk over to me, […]

Guest Post: How I Overcame My Abuse

For the first of hopefully many Guest Posts, please welcome Twindaddy, writer of humor, honest self-reflection, and stuph™ over at Stuphblog (go take a gander, and while you’re there, click that blog-happy Follow button). And, before you begin this story, I would like to say thank you to Twindaddy for sharing his journey to freedom. It […]

Capitol Firsts

I said I would go and I went. I think I very well may have been the only survivor there. Not the only survivor, but the only survivor not turned advocate associated with a particular group. Everyone I met at the Stop Violence Against Women Day today worked for a coalition, a foundation, a commission, […]

Georgia’s Stop Violence Against Women Day

I will be one of hundreds as one of millions. I feel like this is especially important since the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) slipped through the ass-cracks of Washington. This is an event I need to attend because I sit here every day and write about how domestic violence has forever altered my life, and […]

Calling All Readers

Support. Validation. Understanding. These are three reasons so many of us have started and continued to share our stories. We write to clear our heads of the painful memories. We write to show others they are not alone. We write because we live in a society that blames victims, but we are not to blame. […]

My first list was 3,498 words; this post is only 1,714

The first post about this list included only the emotional abuse (and the “door incident”). The following is the rest of what I included in my original list of abuse. As much as I would like to edit it for all things editable, this was my original list where I admitted, out-loud, out-side of like […]

An Angry Reader

When it first started I answered a couple. Then more came and I decided to wait until he was finished. I popped over to his blog and did some reciprocal reading. Nothing about this journey has been easy. I have found a great deal of support here. I have found others with the same experiences; […]

I thought you said you were staying

I took the back door out the front door and left him when he went out-of-town. The kids and I left with what we needed for our stay in the domestic violence shelter. My cousin rode with us while my mom, dad, and uncle stayed back to pack our belongings into a small trailer. They […]