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I thought you said you were staying

I took the back door out the front door and left him when he went out-of-town. The kids and I left with what we needed for our stay in the domestic violence shelter. My cousin rode with us while my mom, dad, and uncle stayed back to pack our belongings into a small trailer. They […]

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and it’s time to spotlight this ignored private matter. Let’s take this 4-day old story: LAPD Detectives concluded Johnny Lewis murdered 81-year-old Catherine Davis. His violence had been escalating from petty theft to burglary to assault with a deadly weapon to, finally, murder. The creator of Lewis’s most recent stardom, Kurt Sutter of […]

What Kim Kardashian can teach us about abuse

“I thought about calling the police but was afraid and decided not to do so.” (Kim Kardashian) An abusive relationship includes a rush to get to the next level; abusers blame others for their problems & control their partner’s every move. They generally feel a sense of entitlement & don’t view their behavior as wrong. Emotional, financial, & sexual abuse usually […]

You kNOw someone, whether you kNOw it or not

It’s a Circle! It’s a CD! It’s a Bagel? Nope, it’s Awareness. NoMore.Org aims to do for Domestic Violence what the pink ribbon has done for Breast Cancer, the red ribbon for AIDS , and the yellow ribbon for Troops . Learn about it. Talk about it. Avoid it.

How Many Times Should Abuse be Tolerated? – the question revisited « A Cry For Justice

How Many Times Should Abuse be Tolerated? – the question revisited « A Cry For Justice. It shouldn’t be tolerated, ever. But what defines abuse?  An impulsive slap, once, during a heated, and highly defensive argument? An impulsive slap during every heated, highly defensive argument? Both? The pattern, recognizing if there is a pattern and where it […]