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Feeling Believed

In the immediate aftermath of abuse, life feels insurmountable. It feels like driving an out-of-control race car headed toward the wall, like you’re behind the wheel, gripping and steering, but the only end is to crash and burn. It’s accelerated when compassion leans away from the victim towards the victimizer.

DVA 2013: Keeping Awareness Going

It’s October so there’s a big focus right now on Domestic Violence Awareness. People who wouldn’t otherwise shout from the rooftops, carry signs, or even simply utter the terrifying and embarrassing words, domestic violence, find it’s easier to be vocal when the crowd is chanting like-wise. Good. I get that not everyone can talk about […]

The Letter I Wouldn’t Have Read Either

To Donkey’s New Girlfriend: So I see you’re FaceBook official. I’ve heard you’ve spent the night in his home, with the children present. It must be serious. It’s time, then, for us to have a little chat. I know what you are going to suffer. You’ve waded into the water and found it pleasant, tepid, refreshing. You’ll walk […]