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The Next Chapter

It’s a highly cliché title, but it’s accurate.  Three years ago I moved to Atlanta to be in between my children and my family. It was the right decision. In three days I am moving to Orlando to be close to my children. It is the right decision. Three years ago the divorce was newly […]

I’m a survivor NOT a victim

“I am a survivor of abuse, not a victim. I have gone through hell and come back. I am strong, I am beautiful, I am worthy of true love no matter what you said to me. Anger is weakness and patience is strength. There is a reason for everything. Being patient and allowing time to […]

The Donkey of The River Pub

I arrived in the middle of happy hour, stayed through the lull, and left when trivia was in full swing. October is many things, including baseball post-season, and since my cable package doesn’t include TBS I had to go out somewhere to watch the Cardinals game. There weren’t many seats open at the bar, and […]

Whoever says you need a man needs to get allen-wrenched

My kids are coming! My kids are coming! It’s like the Redcoats, except with more blood, guts, and poop. Ok. Maybe not so much guts, or one can hope, maybe; although I wouldn’t put it past my son to attempt to disembowel any unfortunate road kill we happen along while out on a walk or bike ride. […]