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The Aftermath of Abuse

When Melanie asked me if I wanted to add a guest post to Deliberate Donkey, I was overwhelmed and excited.  I couldn’t believe that someone read only part of my story and had interest enough for me to share on their site.  I happily accepted – and then I panicked.  What was I going to talk […]

DVA 2013: Keeping Awareness Going

It’s October so there’s a big focus right now on Domestic Violence Awareness. People who wouldn’t otherwise shout from the rooftops, carry signs, or even simply utter the terrifying and embarrassing words, domestic violence, find it’s easier to be vocal when the crowd is chanting like-wise. Good. I get that not everyone can talk about […]

Everyone Knew I Was His Girl. But Not Every One.

  Warning : This post may be a trigger for anyone who has been raped. Sperm Donor (SD) and I decided to move into a small apartment with his Great Aunt in the early spring of 1984. I was employed at a retail store in Chicago part-time and SD was unemployed. He moved all our belongings […]

The Eye of the Tiger, Part 1

Chapter 1 – Denial A Five Part Series Dance with me forever This moment is divine I’m so close to heaven This hell is not mine This hell is not mine Melissa Etheridge I am not a victim anymore.  Nor am I a survivor.  I am just a woman – daughter, wife and mother who […]

DVA 2013: Bringing Awareness

There are so many of us, so many. I believe the more we talk about it, the easier it will be for people to hear, the easier it is for people to hear, the more likely we are to really get something done about it. There are so many victims, and the overlap between victims […]

She got flowers

She Got Flowers She got flowers! It wasn’t her birthday, or any other special day. They had their first fight, and he said many cruel things that really hurt her. She knows that he is sorry, and that he will not say those things again, because he sent her flowers to forgive. She got flowers! It […]

Abuse in Another Language

I shared my story about my relationship with Bray on DD last year for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Here is a closer look. Only once in my entire relationship with Bray was I asked about abuse.  We were walking through shops and along the shoreline in Konstanz, Germany.  I noticed an older woman following us from […]

How a smart person can get sucked into abuse Part III

Part I here. Part II here. By the time the Narc entered my life I was 32 years old; he was 47. We worked for the same company and he saw the implosion of my marriage from the sidelines. He witnessed the multiple phone calls from Dale, and my reactions to things Dale said. He […]