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The Next Chapter

It’s a highly cliché title, but it’s accurate.  Three years ago I moved to Atlanta to be in between my children and my family. It was the right decision. In three days I am moving to Orlando to be close to my children. It is the right decision. Three years ago the divorce was newly […]

He Spits in My Face

He just likes to show his ass. But then, he is Donkey. Just the other day I posted my woes over him making yet another decision impacting the kids with no regard to co-parenting. He wasn’t finished with me. It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of his email rants. Partly because he switched […]


I was not at all surprised, but I still felt the hurt. It is his habit to try to destroy Mother’s Day for me, and it has become my practice not to let him. It isn’t easy. Every single Mother’s Day since that first one when I was pregnant with my oldest, he has deliberately […]

Shift Your Perspective

“It’s ok if you turn in your résumé.” She said it so softly she wasn’t sure she said it out loud. She sat back in her car aware suddenly of the sheer number of vehicles exiting the interstate. He had asked if he could speak to her. Her heart retreated. He had asked if he […]

Run away opportunity

The single most difficult task to accomplish every day is The Smile. I still don’t really feel that happiness is something I can allow in my life right now. There has been a magnet on my parent’s refrigerator for I don’t know how long. As far as I know, it appeared one day & stayed […]

Summer camp and professional development

A few weeks before I was to exchange custody with Donkey, the continuing education catalogue arrived. I figured there’d be something I could do to busy myself while I waited for them to come home for the summer. I looked through IT, photography, writing, and gardening.I thought the “Intro to Word Press” would be good, […]

A black eye

It’s how the timing works. Right? Kids get hurt right before they shouldn’t, like picture day, meet the teacher day, going to see Mommy day…. No cut the bottom of his foot running away from the shoes he was told to keep on, put back on, and get back here now! 3 days before I turned […]

I’ve Carpe’d my Diems

26 of 31, with 5 left to go & every one has been the best (mostly, and I plan to erase any memory of tempers, fights, refused meals, or pee on the carpet). I took 10 days to panic over the kids reaction. I gave them too much credit in my imagination. Thank goodness. Had […]