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DVA 2013: The Hollywood Victim

*I give away the endings to old movies: Waitress, Enough, & Sleeping With The Enemy While discussing the rape scene in the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in the comments for “Rated M for Misogyny” on A Clown on Fire, I remarked, “The scene bothered me because of the gratuitous violence, but also because […]

The Eye of the Tiger, Part 2

Chapter 2 – Anger A Five Part Series, Part 1 I’ve an image in my pocket Of some dark demon That temptation brought to life And it chokes all of my breath out I’m scratching and screaming’ ‘Til morning comes to night Melissa Etheridge Numb. Broken.  Angry.  Alone.  Scared. Ashamed.  Guilty. Silent. I had just […]

She got flowers

She Got Flowers She got flowers! It wasn’t her birthday, or any other special day. They had their first fight, and he said many cruel things that really hurt her. She knows that he is sorry, and that he will not say those things again, because he sent her flowers to forgive. She got flowers! It […]

I hear you on Gun Control. I want to hear you on Rape Control.

I watch the news every morning and every evening, enough for it to loop a few times. I watch three channels, even though they all pretty much report the same thing. We are in the midst of a national uproar over the Newton School Shootings; as we very well should be. Twenty-six people lost their […]

An Angry Reader

When it first started I answered a couple. Then more came and I decided to wait until he was finished. I popped over to his blog and did some reciprocal reading. Nothing about this journey has been easy. I have found a great deal of support here. I have found others with the same experiences; […]

What did you do to him?

We are all blamed, most especially with the questions. Victim-blaming from some, misguided curiosity from others. Questions like what did she do to him?, what did she do to provoke him?, and what did she do to deserve it? cut to the core of a domestic violence victim. We are conditioned to believe everything is our fault […]

FAMU blames victim for his death

As if victims needed another punch. Orlando Sentinel, “FAMU faults Champion in his hazing death”, 11 Sept 2012: Florida A&M University is not responsible for drum major Robert Champion‘s hazing death, according to a court document filed Monday night. Champion himself is. In a 23-page motion seeking dismissal of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by […]

A war on women? A war on victims?

A war on women? Yes and it must be ended! « opt4. These numbers reflect deaths: living people who perished, suffering. Focus on US Troops and American Women, and we see a terrifyingly huge number of US Citizens dying in defense. These numbers reflect a huge loss for the two most traumatized and disrespected demographics in […]