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A Chance Encounter, Internet Style

Long-distance love. Nomadic relationships. Online dating. Marriage in the time of Facebook. Today, love can be complex in new ways. What is love in this digital age? Weekly Writing Challenge I’ve had one digital tryst, so of course that makes me an expert. Because three failed (serious) relationships (too a-plenty of failed not-serious relationships as well, […]

Fight, Fighter, Fightest

Custody will go to the Father. 10 April 2012. The End. I am fighting a fight I shouldn’t have to be fighting. I fought for our protection and safety, and it was all for nothing. I fought for our protection and safety, and I was told I was wrong. I fought to make plans to escape. […]

Eight homes in five years

Weekly Writing Challenge: Map It Out Donkey moved us a lot. There were only two moves that he didn’t initiate (1 to 2, and 3 to 4). We met in May 2005 and I left in August 2010. These are the general locations of where we lived together during our relationship. I haven’t included the numbers for […]

Wrap It Up

Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up The year is almost over. Maybe even the world; but who has time for that? My first post was this year, March 6. Since then I have composed 170 posts and published 166 167 168. Through those composition conundrums I have grown. In January I was afraid for my life […]

In an Instant

Each week the folks behind the launch button offer a writing challenge to rouse our writing. This week it is “a moment when your life was changed in a split second.” I instantly knew my instant. In one second I was standing at the kitchen counter grinding coffee and before that second was over I […]

Weekly Writing Challenge: My favorite thing

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Few of My Favorite Things There is a material item that plays an important part in my life. For too many years it hung ignored and dusty, relegated to the spare room. Now it is center in my most used room. It was rejected by Donkey and so it was dejected. The problem […]

To tell you the truth

Truth be told, I’m not doing so well. I won’t ever actually admit it, so if you ever tell anyone I’ll deny it even if lightning strikes me down. I have slept on the couch for 2 weeks and just yesterday I thought it might be wise to put a pillow case over the end […]