To Donkey’s New Girlfriend: So I see you’re FaceBook official. I’ve heard you’ve spent the night in his home, with the children present. It must be serious. It’s time, then, for us to have a little chat. I know what you are going to suffer. You’ve waded into the water and found it pleasant, tepid, refreshing. You’ll walk […]

Dear Donkey, This is my party, and you are not invited. This is my party, and I’ll cry all I want. This is my party, and I wouldn’t be having it if you weren’t a total douchebag. This is my party. I made the decorations. I made the favors. I made the invitations, and I […]

His words make me nervous. The red flags are bright.

The first person I met in my new neighborhood isn’t a person I want to know. I met him on day two. He was helping his parents with a project. I went outside to take in the new neighborhood, and he hollered from three houses down, and then walked over for introductions and everyday niceties. […]

It’s a highly cliché title, but it’s accurate.  Three years ago I moved to Atlanta to be in between my children and my family. It was the right decision. In three days I am moving to Orlando to be close to my children. It is the right decision. Three years ago the divorce was newly […]

Remember the old commercial for Tootsie Pops? How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? I feel like I’m living that with Donkey. How many times to I have to ask the same question before I get an answer? The world may never know.

Considering his propensity to make decisions without me, I thought it wise to ask questions. Seems that was not wise. I didn’t even realize I was kicking a hornet’s nest. Though once I did, I kicked some more. I had to ask twice before I even got an answer, though it was hardly an answer. He’s […]

My son was full of boy energy one night last week, and no amount of pleading through Skype stopped him from tackling his sister. It’s ineffective, every time. At least when we are together I can physically separate them and prevent accidental injury. Donkey was downstairs entertaining. No where to be seen or heard. Which is unusual. […]

He just likes to show his ass. But then, he is Donkey. Just the other day I posted my woes over him making yet another decision impacting the kids with no regard to co-parenting. He wasn’t finished with me. It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of his email rants. Partly because he switched […]

But it doesn’t matter. I might as well be talking to air.