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I was not at all surprised, but I still felt the hurt. It is his habit to try to destroy Mother’s Day for me, and it has become my practice not to let him. It isn’t easy. Every single Mother’s Day since that first one when I was pregnant with my oldest, he has deliberately and maliciously made the effort to stomp on the day – because in his heart, he’s stomping on me.


We Skype one day each weekend–we skype, give or take, every other day. We Skype at 9am on weekends. It just so happened that we had skyped Friday, Wednesday…so Sunday was up next, and Sunday was Mother’s Day. I can’t understand that there was a reason to think we wouldn’t Skype.

He’s ignored the holiday, got so drunk he passed out by Noon, kidnapped the kids for a week, tried to have me committed, denied physical time, denied phone/skype time, and the list goes on…

I have so much stacked up in my complaints file against him – making decisions about the kids without me, feeding them fast food four or more nights a week, etc. etc. etc. Not to mention the almost seven grand he still owes me from the divorce.

All to be expected. He is Donkey afterall. Such an ass. Such a total ass.

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