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Liars lie. Abusers abuse. These things don’t change.

My daughter was named after me and her great-grandmother (my grandmother). Donkey told her she was named after two queens. Donkey picked her first name. He did pick a queen’s name. He thought that would make her a strong and powerful women.

I can’t imagine why he’d want that since strong and powerful women are his nemesis.

I wanted her middle name after my mother, but when my mother objected and offered my name and my grandmother’s name as an alternative, Donkey did everything possible to convince me to change my choice for our daughter’s middle name. I relented to the pressures of him and my mom and gave my daughter my name. It was the right choice.

This is also why I know he knows the origin of my daughter’s name.

name email

He never bothered to answer. It’s just as well.

He’s also changing how he addresses our son. Nothing says “identity crisis” like adults changing young children’s names.

On another note, Donkey has a new victim. She’s been under his manipulation and control for a year now. Tonight I heard her sound exactly like him–a parrot, she is. I feel sorry for her.


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